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Top 8 Cyber Security Awards for 2023

As we move into 2023, it's important to recognize and celebrate the individuals and organizations that are working hard to keep our digital lives safe and secure. While there are countless cyber security awards out there, we've compiled a list of some of the best and most prestigious ones to watch out for in the coming year.

The (ISC)² Security Global Achievement Awards

Held annually at the (ISC)² Security Congress conference, and recognize the best and brightest in the cybersecurity field. These awards cover a wide range of categories, including "Best Cybersecurity Professional," "Best Cybersecurity Team," and "Best Cybersecurity Educator." Past winners have included professionals from major organizations like the National Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI.

The Pwnie Awards

Another prestigious cyber security award ceremony, the Pwnie Awards honor the best and worst in the field of computer security. This event is known for its humorous and lighthearted approach to recognizing the achievements and missteps of the industry.

The SC Awards

The SC Awards are presented by SC Magazine and recognize the best in the cyber security industry. These awards honor the individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the field, including researchers, security professionals, and companies.

The CSO50 Awards

Presented by CSO Magazine, the CSO50 Awards recognize the top 50 organizations that have demonstrated innovative and effective approaches to cyber security. These awards honor the companies that have implemented successful security strategies and technologies to protect their businesses and customers.

The SANS Institute's NetWars Tournament of Champions

This annual event brings together the top cyber security professionals from around the world to compete in a series of challenges designed to test their skills and knowledge. The winners of this tournament are recognized as the top cyber security experts in the industry.

CRN Channel US

The US magazine deals less with a single award in a venue, and rather rankings and lists. CRN’s lists usually focus on the US market and include 100 or more leading companies in different categories. For security vendors there are many opportunities to appear in cool lists such as Emerging Vendor, Security 100 and Tech Innovator.

CRN Channel Awards UK

A highly reputed award in the IT channel. It honors the best vendors, resellers and distributors in the UK, including the security vendor of the year. The night of the ceremony if a prestigious black-tie event and award party that lasts until late at the night.

National Cyber Awards

The National Cyber Awards honors the UK’s private and public sectors for innovation. The award ceremony is a black-tie event and dinner that include the attendance of some high-profile public figures.

What makes this event stand out is the pursuit of impartiality: Entrees are free, sponsors submit their nominations like everyone else, and the esteemed judges come from industry-leading organizations in different sectors.

SINET16 Innovator Award

SINET16 is a community of senior cyber security professionals who gather to identify and advance disruptive innovations from entrepreneurial companies. SINET 16 Innovator Award introduces the 16 most innovative cyber security companies as determined by SINET’s steering committee. The evaluation process consists of 3 months and 2 rounds of evaluations by a committee of over 100 industry experts. To be eligible, a company must be a product provider, have annual revenues of $15 Million dollars or less, and have not previously won the SINET16 Innovator Award.

Overall, these are just a few of the many cyber security awards that are worth keeping an eye on in 2023. Some of these awards made a come back from our 2022 list which focused more on awards for vendors rather than security practitioners. If you plan to apply for any of these awards, have a look at our tips to writing a pitch-perfect award application. By recognizing and celebrating the achievements of those working to keep our digital lives safe and secure, we can all learn from their examples and continue to make the internet a safer place for everyone.

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