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Silver Sphere in Security Awards Guru

Build Your Brand With Cyber Security Awards

The cyber security market is incredibly competitive. It is one of the most challenging industries for marketers today.


In this ecosystem, security vendors can't afford to miss opportunities to build their brands. Awards are very effective at that but are difficult to stay on top of. That is why we started Security Awards Guru.

We are a bunch of cyber security marketers with years of experience, skilled at market research, writing, and automation. 

Our mission is to provide security marketers with the easiest, time-saving solution to increase their market presence through winning cyber security awards.

Why Security Awards Guru?

Tried-and-true methods

We have extensive experience, having applied and won dozens of awards.

We live the industry

We know the market. The narratives that work, the jargon, and the do's & don'ts.

Lower headcount, higher value

We take upon ourselves the dirty work so you can focus on your work.

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