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Everything You Wanted to Know About Awards

"Are we applying to the right security awards?"

"Which awards are valued by the industry?"

"What are our chances to win X award?"

"An email says we won an award, is it legit?"

(Spoiler: no)

"Humph. Can someone just do all this for me?"

(Spoiler: yes)

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Win Cyber Security Awards at Scale

Build authority for your brand by applying only to cyber security awards that make an impact on your audience.

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Introducing Cyber Awards-as-a-Service

With security startups focusing on bringing new business, brand-building activities like IT security awards take a back seat.


We help you take the wheel by identifying the right awards, setting up a plan, and submitting award-winning applications.

Say goodbye to half-baked awards spreadsheets


How It Works

We get to know you
Our experts will ask questions about your customers, tech, compelling events, and so on.


Get a 6-month award plan

You receive a plan that includes methodologically-selected award opportunities.


Apply and win awards

Write your award applications or let us do it for you.

Beyond a Running List of Cyber Security Awards

Drawing of 3 rows of seeds
Drawing of an open hand holding a sprouting flower
Drawing of a clucking chicken
Drawing of hands holding a heart

Industry's largest database

If it gives out badges, it's in our records

Hand-picked for you

Your industry, audience,

geo and preferences

Never miss a deadline

Get key dates reminders and a clear timeline

Application-writing experts

Award-winning storytellers write your applications for you

Approve a budget once, not every time "something comes up"

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Win Cyber Security Awards Without the Dirty Work

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